Mike Summers at Platinum Professional Carpet Cleaning is one of the most professional vendors I have worked with in the maintenance of our 38 rental properties. He is always so responsive, returns calls in a timely manner, tries his best to work with my schedule, gives me an accurate estimate of the cost of each job, and provides the very best results every time he cleans. There have been a number of times that I have scheduled a cleaning with him hoping that the carpet might be saved for one more year, and every time I have been thrilled with the results. He has cleaned some spaces that should never have come clean, yet he works his magic and I am always beyond satisfied. I recommend Mike regularly and all my friends, family members, and professional contacts say they will never again rent a grocery store cleaning machine. Nothing works as hard and gets the results like Mike and his crew! Call these folks and you will get your money’s worth and enjoy the process with warm, considerate, and professional people!